Our Story

“At Emrana, we believe in a world where humans coexist in harmony with our planet, other life forms and each other”.

Who We Are

A team of technology and law professionals dedicated to creating and providing environmentally conscious and human rights friendly solutions to organizations and households alike. Our team specializes in the field of Environment, Sustainability, Occupational Health and Safety, Business and Human Rights, Quality assurance and Sustainable, Restorative & Regenerative Business Management.

What We Do

We leverage the tools of law, design and technology for creating solutions that allow organizations and households to exist in harmony with our planet, other life forms and with each other. Our solutions range from environmentally sustainable home living practices to best environmental, health & safety, quality assurance and human rights practices for businesses.


2014: Conceptualization of Puri-Fi, a Global Water Quality Mapping System

In response to the Flint, Michigan water scandal in 2014 we developed the concept for Puri-fi, a global water quality mapping system that provides access to testing and information on water quality indicators that is essential for the realization of our human right to safely managed drinking water. By November, 2016 we had completed full-stack software development for the system, that included features such as water sampling, testing and online reporting.

By December, 2019 we had tested and reported for samples from over 100 sites, located across 12 countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

2017: Emrana Engineering LLC was established

In September, 2017 our founder Danielle Beben established Emrana Engineering LLC as an environmentally conscious consulting firm that provided technology based green solutions to business and not for profit organizations, with its headquarters at Cleveland, Ohio.

Puri-Fi project is brought under the umbrella of Emrana for further research and development.

In October 2017, we onboard Google as our first client and provide live technical event support for the launch of Google Donuts. On this project we provided services ranging from software development, and hardware development and Installation, to Network Configuration, Testing and onsite troubleshooting and logistics.

2018: Consulting with business organizations

Throughout 2018 we continued to work with Google on various projects, to provide them live technical support for their events to showcase different technologies including, Google Gumball, Google mini-golf and Google Nooks. We provided support in the form of software development, hardware development, product integration, installation, network configuration, testing, onsite software, hardware and mechanical troubleshooting, uninstallation and Logistics.


2018: Emrana expands its reach to not for profits

In July 2018, we onboarded the first not for profit organization as our client, namely, the New York Society Library. We provided technical support for single sign on technology implementation at the organization and consulted on integration of website, database and library database management systems.


2019: Emrana attracts both Fortune 200 Companies and Nonprofits

The year of 2019 involved development of innovative solutions for not for profit organizations such as FemEd and for Fortune 200 companies like Sherwin Williams.

For Sherwin Williams we provided technical consultation for mobile applications. We also developed iOS software tools to assist painting contractors and those looking to paint their home.

We expanded our core competency from developing technological solutions that are environmentally compliant to actively solving complex developmental challenges in areas of human rights, specifically, education and accessibility to mental healthcare for vulnerable populations by leveraging the tools of law, policy, design and technology.

In the education sector, we started consulting with FemEd to develop education practices that can be implemented with the aim to increase female access to information and technology. Emrana also provided technical support for web design and development.


2019: Creation of MindSight

In the same month we identified mental health conditions as one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Global burden of disease study of 2017 highlighted India and China as having the highest disease burden associated with common mental disorders. In India, contributing to this are barriers to care such as lack of awareness, low mental health literacy, absence of affordable means of mental healthcare and other forms of human rights violations of persons with mental disorders.

By April 2019, we had completed full stack development of the MindSight mobile-app which was designed to raise mental health awareness and rights based literacy while facilitating access to affordable mental healthcare and legal redressal to persons experiencing mental health conditions in India.

2020: Launching environmentally friendly and socially conscious solutions for organizations, business and homes.

At Emrana, we believe that for organizations, humans and the environment to be in a healthy state and prosper, solutions have to be developed from a viewpoint that considers these stakeholders as part of one ecosystem and is cognizant of the interrelated and overlapping interests of each.

In early 2020 we developed and launched a new range of solutions for business, not for profit organizations and homes that addresses the needs and wants of each stakeholder while balancing the needs and wants of the others.

Our Clients